02 December 2010


a drawing of my grand-daughter Whitney.

02 February 2010

my latest paintings.

Since 1st of January I've been more active in my art.  I hope to continue all year long.  I've been bit lazy last year, but I did a lot of different crafts too.
Watching the Sun Set (Pastels)

The Couple  (Acrylics)                 

Crossing the road (Water Colours)

Sunflowers (Water colour)

Purple Mood (acrylics)

The track (Soft Pastels)

Enough Snow?  (Oils)

Somewhere in Normandie
 (Water Colours)

White Arome Lilies (Acrylics and mix)

Australiana 1 (Oils)
My first Oils ever. I pleased with it.

16 December 2009

my paintings

Another try with Water Lilies. 

I just started to practice portrait drawing.
I started with eyes, ears (diffucult) and noses (not easy).  I am please with the progress I made.

10 December 2009

my paintings

Sunflowers, in acrylics.

"The Reef"  Acrylics painting, Nov. 1009

my paintings


A hen and chicks, a xmas present for a friend.

07 December 2009


Hi from Biloela - Centre Queensland - Australia

Birch, Acrilics

Birch, Acrilics